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 +Here are some retroarch findings I want to document.
 +====== Retroarch Input Device Type 6 Button ======
 +Retroarch arcade control mapping is a long story : configuration,​ overrides per game and core, retroarch.cfg in different folders, remaps and core options. ​
 +For the mame2003plus core is a nice feaature which gives best arcade mapping for the layout
 +Y X L 
 +B A R
 +goto to Setting, Input, Input User x Binds and select as User x Device Type the 6 Button option. It shows up in retroarch.cfg as
 +''​input_libretro_device_p1 = 769''​
 +everything works as expected from my point of view. 
 +y = button 1 
 +x = button 2 
 +L = button 3
 +B = button 4
 +A = button 5
 +R = button 6
 +Other emulators have Fire 1 or jump on retropad B or A, means on button 4 or button5. Have in mind that we are talking about a arcade machine, perhaps with Jamma interface. Means that we have only 3 button. So all game can not be played since Fire 1 is on button 4 which does not exists at all on this machines. Or image a neogeo cab. Hey neogeo coooool: 4 Button Control Panel. So how to play games that needs more than 1 button? Fire 2 is mapped to button 5 ;)
 +For this emulators like mame2000, mame2003 or lr-fbalpha I have made some thousands of remaps. ​
 +====== Configuration retroarch.cfg can not be saved ======
 +  ​
 +Who does not know this retroarch message :) I get rid of it when turning the automatic overrides on and off again. Weired, but works.
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