ReGamebox has the following features

  • Configuration of
    • Key Setting
    • Video Settings
    • Resolutions
    • Emulators Configurations
  • Flip Screen
  • Favourites Menu
  • History Menu
  • Gamelist Filters
  • Custom pixel perfect resolutions for all console emulators
  • Support of horizontal and vertical screen with automatic generation of game lists.
  • Video snaps in advmenu
  • Snaps for all other emulators
  • Dynamic Resolution Switcher Algorithms for Arcade Games
  • Patch Management System
  • Reboot and Shutdown Procedurs
  • Support of thousands of games
  • Game Menu is developed for display at 15Khz low resolutions and high resolution via hdmi.
  • Dozen of themes
  • backgound music
  • Backup solution
  • Export and import of configuration files
  • Logging
  • Support of USB sticks and HDs
  • Access via SFTP, SSH, Samba and Shell
  • Automatic turning of screens
  • Automatic recognition of used hardware addon
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